About the Project

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Thermal management and energy optimization of high energy demand IT systems equipment in tertiary buildings is an important field of research and development, as it can lead to significant energy savings, improved system performance, and reduced environmental impact. In recent years, various approaches have been proposed and implemented to address the challenges associated with the thermal management and energy optimization of these systems.

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The project’s initial objective is analyse the thermal management challenges of various representative user cases with considerable IT load in tertiary buildings, and theoretically validate solutions for their challenges, based on advanced liquid cooling technologies and holistic control mechanisms. Later in the project, the main objective will shift to a prototyping phase, doing a trial-and-error process on integrating hardware and software solutions into the energy management system of the 4 pre-defined use-cases, optimising integrated and minimal waste thermal management on a building level, whilecreating and sharing valuable data for future upscaling, standardisation, and awareness building.

Our Objectives